they do bad things so i dont have to

or bc i cant we

| matrix? | the land?? | start over | start anew loop |

disaster pending

avert yer eyes
or bring popcorn we


i still kinda think sims3 is better
but i got used to s4. sucks you need so much stuff b4 its playable tho. s3 open world > s4 impossible events. but s4 > 3 character gen........xcept the clothehs colors never match rite

l00k >>> livin old fantasy
and mbe some new stuff

idunno - diaries from rando chars probs
xxxplicit stuff
not sims 4 work
or kids too
we play w >18 mods ---among others | point is uhuhuhhhhhhh.... | dont ask4 pixxx ill probs end up postin em neway

yup its like that soz


damn shit hell and fuck
knocked up --again at least this time its not by goddam brother
somehow preg by a grrl -- not so weird; biggest 8==========D id ever seen, boy or girl
ne way
goin thru w it this time - but not keeping t/kid -- gonna go live w angelicas fam - shes the uuhhhhh other mom father? fathermom??

at least i have the time off frm school
pregnant honor student fml



busy so just a quickie
staying w phebe at least fr a while -- dead folx suxx
mom hooked levi and phebe up on fake ids -- levi still cant get a real job -- phebes writing mostly does it -- moved in2 a 3wide trailer got my own bedroom
school blows -- wanna drop like levi -- could get fake id too and dance at the pink hut
or more


o ya and uhh levi knocked us up and we both had 2 have abortions
thank fuk there legal right


gdi no wtf
not again. not him too

raheem wasnt the same once mom died. he started to drink. alot. too much.
he wouldnt come home for days sometime. bills piled up n he just cried over moms urn.

dead from anger the doc said. he wasnt like that b4 mom was eaten - still dont wanna blieve taht, i almost bet she faked, but why? - he got old fast. disappeared 4 three days. we thought he left - had 2 send elisa 2 live w her biomom.
then he comes home. middle of the day
phoebe and me staidstayed home - funeral leave n stuff at school. kinda had a party.
kinda turned sexxxy

mebbe if he didnt come home 2 find me in the backyard balls deep in his daughter & my 1/2-sister

i mean - its not like i h8d him - i didnt know him long
didnt mean 2 kill him

is it fd to say i hope it was the booze that did it??

like it couldnt b worse


oh no
god no
i thought it was a bad dream

last night i was at the abandoned? lab with levi n yuki - just lookin around
i think they were messin around
but whatev

got a call
mom died -- yuki and levi left
i just wandered the base
it rained (of course)

godam cowplant ate my mother

happy levi n yuki r here 4 me
wtf now???


be mindful of the zombies