sleep is where i am a viking

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sexual dreamns about past partners - and misses
innocent tho - nude not lewd - friendly - casual - talks n cuddles
no desire -- contentment
empty quiet world

nude in public - no judgment - not indecent - alone - left alone - stressfree


of all the dreams i know i had why did i retain the one in which i shat my skirt in public to great shame



like six hours
from nine in bed

dreamt of hyrule
adventure, not as much
simply simple life

tossed and turned
woke to pee

dreamnt again of other worlds
faded from memory

asleep again
flashframe images
fright and terror via post

ever elusive


poor sleep for four days

halfnight kickingoff covers
half dragging back on

drift off about eight seconds
i saw myself
i was walking from a building, down stairs, the building front with columns
i saw myself see me

half my life ago

eye contact and i turn my back to me and freeze
i walk closer, i walk around

i dont see my face again


twelve hours of sleep

not much to remember

its always a mix - a mashup, of places ive lived, visited, seen, read of

often a shopping center - always between dusk and dawn (even if i sleep by day)

ill search for a product that never existed

a videogame never built nor released

splatterhouse meets jason voorhees | doom on virtualboy |

i dream im at a mall with my friends; huge - i cant see the bottom floor from the level were on - usually across from a jewelry store for reasons i dont comprehend

something familiar and i pause

ever a different outcome from the same scenario

no such last night

more homely | not as consumerist | i live in my dreams in a world of water and hills

i make my home on an island in a lake sometimes

we travel by small boat or jetski or seadoo

last night felt like a home ive never belonged to

but by sunlight the specificity fades

i remember only that i cannot remember

just keep swimming


lately ive been dreaming about another life

but one built from the pieces of the live ive lived

much of that was built upon life before i lived at all

but it feels like i dream of the future

there is almost always water in one form or another

sometimes benign | others benevolent | still others malevolent | at times indifferent

my family would be driving to the beach... the road twisting. familiar structures at corners. unfamiliar designs on the structures. we descend a road down a sheer cliff to the narrow beach below

as we go downward the tide swells. massive. over the cliff.

the beach is crowded; the people entirely indifferent. the tide takes them up in innertubes and floaties. suntanners continue laying out despite it being nighttime. weenies roast and children play

and the wave never crashes

no matter how long i stare

but when i stare perhaps time freezes

be alert

be mindful of the zombies