link u fill our <3 <3 <3

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i cant believe it - they say link had over 1500 cks - in 20 mins!!
i get that hes the chosen knight - wicth the sword that seals darkness - but he didnt even use it they say
unbelievable - we cant even clean up after him - he kos an outpost - leaves half-a-dozen wounded - then comes back thru and kills them before we get a chance

this is in no way an envious entry i swear lies

royal guardman steev


is it weird if i want urbosa to be my mom
and also mayke kinda wanna to be her

or do i just wanna be riju

thats cool tho shes cute af


i wonder if king rhoam knows how it feels when were fighting 20 men vs 100 bokos and then the princess sends her twink out to make it looks like were not even trying
like he wasnt bad enough in training camp - quiet type - got extra food - better gear
king bophadese
ever think we all can use that blue glowie stuff to do some real damage

howtf he learn to do that anyway

guardsman 6502

its just
i maybe dont playem all
but the zelda games mean soo much to me
the whole zelda world

i even liked the cartoon
2nd game on the nes all good mang

be mindful of the zombies