bring hipwaders to the shitshow

| retreat | dream on | shallow fakes | princess fitzgerald |


marched yesterday
>200 strong
one solo dip anti cross the street
sum sisterfuckin inbred
facts - figures - stats - other countries - a constitution professor - exmilitary - all faver control in some way
and dipshit sez nuh-uh -- supercompelling innit not

none of this is taking away everything - even you know it - yeah u - u kno u know - switzerland - austrailia - nuevo zedland
only amerikkka kkkills its kids so much
so often
one difference - not hard 2 see - fuck 250 year old papers - we ainvt talk shakespeare no more neihter

but i guess paper is always > lives - $$$ - filthlucre

the time 2 act came 25 years ago


i dont even fucking want to believe it
jegus fucking crom
again? again?? again???

bet the tunes would change real quick if fled cruise lost his girls

revoking the 2nd amendment would be so fucking punk


i forget im not the sim,br.
too many luxuries on 1 lot

levels and addons and layers and subterraneanbasementlevels layerafterlayer
howmany bedrooms anymore
how do they get out in a fire | so many stairs - stares - steres
| | | i was twitchy before | way b4 | badlynow \ \ \ \ \ \ \ jimmyleggs

brainpan flashes darktweaking
too much to withstand | clear to forget | all1 | why \|= | ----

all this 2 get pinball
donteven play a mean1 - | - hell on taxe day 2


sic semper sleepless sammy son


barely slept in three days


exhausted in every sense

nothing to show

nothing i did

nighttimes a bother

(was i trying not to cuss here)

feels like a cartoon from the seventies


unshocking heat

future uncertain


life is money

money life

if thats movinup then im movinout


bin laden won the war on terror

terror destroyed america

one hit and we spend decades tearing ourselves and the world to pieces




didnt even do an allahdamned thing for afghanistan

pardon please my german

lifetime appointments?

term limits!

fuckem all and fuck you if you side withem


the godsforesaken miscolored miscreant will be back in 24

godsfuckingdamnit i fucking knew it

and every uselessfuck dem knew it too

and they bent right over backwards to hand them everything on a godsdamnedfucking platter

apropos of nothing i wouldnt cry if alito died

can you really get anything you want


one time

i drank so much koolaid

my poop turned red


is there any reliable way to know whether im antiwork or just lazy

how can i be lazy if im so gd antsy sutck at home

it is less that i dont want to work

p much just that jobs are bullshit right

never understood why this is hard

be mindful of the zombies